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- Offset Attributes
- Corner Split Attributes with Overlap Ratio
- New Unfold Destination: PDF
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SPI SheetMetalWorks in the Sheet Metal Industry

»The decision to buy SPI's software was easy, because my problem was solved  unobjectionable, - with raving speed and with a ready-to-manufacture sheet metal unfolding.«

Dirk Matyssek, Matyssek GmbH

Normally CAD models must be designed with filleted areas wherever flanges push together. The clou of the SPI software: the technical designer decides, wether he designs "filleted" or "sharp cornered", i. e. without reliefs.

This can shorten the design process in many cases substantially, and finally settled Matyssek matters for the purchase decision.

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5 reasons why SPI SheetMetalWorks is my favorite:





To design without reliefs: SPI's invention turned the scale...  


Even other software delivers unfoldings. But they aren't manufacturable...


Complex blending cannot be designed in another way...


These people are professionals...


Intuitive user interface: absolutely convincing...